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Residential One-Week Life Skills and Cooking Course

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Perfect Course for Gap Year or University Students

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Are you planning your gap year? About to start university? Or possibly moving away from home for the first time? If you would like to equip yourself with a multitude of essential life skills then this course really does tick all the boxes.

It is quite incredible what we have packed into this week long programme.  By the end of the week you will be brimming with confidence and will have made some great new friends too.

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A Unique and Fun Learning Environment

This interactive practical course is designed to teach you how to be truly self-sufficient. We have created a unique environment, for a maximum of seven students, in which to learn together and have fun.

Our small class sizes allow faster learning so we can teach you an incredible amount in a short space of time.

"What a week, crammed full with fun and interesting lessons which will help me survive living away from home."

Sarah – Food of Course Student

Life Skills Course Programme

Lessons begin from the moment you arrive. Come and enjoy learning to do all of this and much more in just a week. It’s a simple as that.
Prepare and cook a roast
Make a cocktail/mocktail
Bake a birthday cake and decorate it
Put up a tent - festival ready!
Host a dinner party
Clean your shoes
Essential household hacks 
Iron your clothes
Sew on a button
Write a weekly meal plan and shop on a budget
Learn about nutrition and a balanced diet
Introduction to yoga and mindfulness
Learn about herbs, spices and seasonings
Arrange flowers
Prepare a cheese board
Serve drinks and canapes
Dress to impress
Find the fuse box and change a fuse

Course Structure

At the start of the course you will receive your Food of Course Life Skills Book containing detailed notes and information on all of the subjects that you cover during the week. It is also packed full of tried and tested recipes.

Generally, the mornings are spent focussing on practical household activities and, following a sociable lunch, you spend the afternoon in the kitchen covering essential cookery methods and techniques, whilst preparing some of your favourite recipes for supper.

Evening activities ensure that not only are you festival ready, but you are able to make a really good mocktail or cocktail.

There is also the opportunity to enrol on an online course to complete your Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety.

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Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Course

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Kind Words from Students and Parents  . . .

  • "What a week, crammed full with fun and interesting lessons which will help me survive living away from home - I feel confident I can now cook a dinner party for friends, plan to eat a varied and healthy diet.... oh and not forgetting - put up a tent blindfolded! Middle Farm House is such an amazing place to learn and all the lessons were informative and made to be so much fun. Thank you so much, I wish I could do it all again!"

    Sarah – Food of Course Student

  • "I couldn’t have asked for a more fun-filled week, Steph even made learning to iron and clean amazing fun. I loved all the lessons, but am most thrilled that I can now cook a roast, rustle up a variety of mince dishes and have the tools to create an amazing meal or two with just a few store cupboard ingredients. I have been apprehensive about moving away from home for the first time, but now feel ready to make the leap. Bristol University better be ready for my arrival…."

    Peter – Food of Course Student

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